HOPE Ministries is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a Capital Area United Way community partner agency with voluntary Standards for Excellence certification through the Standards for Excellence Institute. HOPE is very ecumenical in nature and has a long standing relationship with the Louisiana Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church. We are fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors, team of over 400 volunteers from the community, and area churches right here in HOPE’s own neighborhood.


Since opening its doors in June of 2003, HOPE has served thousands of individuals by carrying out our mission to prevent homelessness and promote self-sufficiency and dignity. HOPE began as a merger of an onsite food pantry and a mentoring program to HUD transitional housing residents. In 2004, in partnership with the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, HOPE’s pantry was converted into the first and only client choice food pantry in Baton Rouge. In 2005, as a result of both the need and opportunities created by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our programs were expanded to include an adult education component that has proven to be fundamental in attaining our mission. HOPE also identified a need for citizen education on poverty and the effects poverty has on a community. Since 2009, HOPE’s team has educated people from across the state and from a variety of organizations and companies on the causes of poverty and its influence on how our community looks, feels and acts. Through HOPE’s programs, our board, team and volunteers help meet needs and move people forward. In 2013, HOPE celebrated its 10th anniversary of service to the Greater Baton Rouge area and Louisiana.
HOPElogo_132x46 Mission: Prevent Homelessness • Promote Self-Sufficiency & Dignity
Vision: A Thriving Community With Access to Resources to Meet Needs and the Opportunity to Move Forward


HOPE Ministries was established in June 2003 by a merger of two organizations that served the Greater Baton Rouge community since the 1980’s. Since then, HOPE has significantly increased its presence in the Greater Baton Rouge area, serving more than 4,000 individuals annually from impoverished families.

  • June 2013—10 year anniversary
  • Partner of Choice for the North Baton Rouge Industrial Training Initiative
  • Partner of Choice for the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination Project
  • Day of HOPE Proclamation—March 23, 2013 Mayor President Kip Holden of City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish
  • 2011 Standards for Excellence Certification from Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations/Standards for Excellence Institute
  • 2009 Louisiana Standards for Excellence Re-Certification from LANO
  • 2006 Louisiana Standards for Excellence Certification from LANO
  • 2005 Volunteer awarded “Where Service Matters” award
  • 2004 Community Partnership Award from Capital Area United Way

In 2014 HOPE served roughly 3, 700 people in the food pantry meeting needs and moving those who are able forward.

Sixty-seven people representing 235 family members were enrolled in HOPE Works.